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Atom Hopper is an open source ATOMPub server (using Apache Abdera and licensed under Apache License v2.0 with the source code available on GitHub) for accessing, processing and aggregating ATOM entries. Atom Hopper was designed to make it easy to build both generalized and specialized persistence mechanisms for ATOM XML data, based on the ATOM Syndication Format and the ATOM Publishing Protocol.

  • The ATOM Syndication Format is used to describe lists of timestamped entries in XML. These lists are referred to as feeds.
  • The ATOM Publishing Protocol (ATOMPub or APP) is a simple HTTP-based protocol for creating and updating web resources.


  • Accessing. Anyone can publish ATOM entries or subscribe to one or more ATOM feeds
  • Processing. Category searches, JSON or ATOM XML results
  • Aggregating. ATOM entries are aggregated into ATOM feeds and persisted in a data store

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If you also require: Authentication and Authorization, Rate Limiting, Versioning or HTTP Logging please note that Atom Hopper works well with Repose


  • Simple. Atom Hopper is easy to use. It can be deployed as a single WAR file into any Servlet container. Most applications can use Atom Hopper with minimal configuration to specify the Atom Workspaces and the Content storage.
  • Scalable. Atom Hopper is very scalable because it is designed to be stateless, allowing state to be distributed across the web.
  • Layered. Atom Hopper allows any number of intermediaries, such as proxies, gateways, and firewalls so one can easily layer aspects such as Security, Compression, etc. on an as needed basis.
  • Built on a strong foundation. It is built on top of several open source projects such as Apache Abdera (a Java-based Atom Publishing framework), Hibernate, and MongoDB.
  • Flexible. Atom Hopper currently supports the following relational databases: H2, PostgresSQL, and MySQL (plus others that work with Hibernate) as well as the NoSQL solution MongoDB
  • High performance. Atom Hopper can handle high loads with high accuracy.
  • Improving. Atom Hopper is under active development.